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Andy Bennet Closes Grippers!

Congatulations to Andy Bennett who today became the first person in the gym to close the 180lb grippers with both his right and left hands and receives a free year's membership at Titans Gym and Fitness.

 Edit: I have added this to the special offers section, even though its not technically a special offer.

MetRx Special Offer

We have a special offer on MetRx Sachets. The list price for a box of 20 MetRx protein shake sachets is £40. Currently and only while sources for stock remain we are selling these boxes for:

 Just £25 each!


 This is an additional discount of 18% on top of the existing 20% protein discount for a massive 38% discont. This offer is available only over the counter at Titans Gym, but arrangements can be made for postal delivery. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to arrange payment and delivery to anywhere in the UK.

 In related news, I have added a Special Offers news topic, unsurprisingly for news about special offers.

Sunshower Offer

For the month of July 06 we will be offering use of the recently installed 225 Watt sunhower facilities at a vastly reduced rate of only £1 for 9 mins. (normal price £1 for 3 mins).

Over 300 uniques last month!

Just a quick post to tell everyone that we finally broke the 300 mark for monthly unique visitors. Last month we recieved 333 unique visits, which is just over 10 different people per day. Doesnt sound like a lot, but these visitors gave 6655 hits and downloaded over 120 MB. For a site like this, thats actually quite an achievement! Thanks everyone for visiting!

Relocation of Gym

This is further to the report posted on 20th March. I had an extensive meeting on Wednesday afternoon 12th April with Lovell, the developers working on behalf of the council regenerating the Church Road Corridor. I was informed that the decided layout for the regenerated area, following the piece-wise acquisition and demolition of the existing properties by the council, will be as follows. 8 small retail units and a small supermarket will be constructed on the land opposite the gym. The rest of the area will consist of housing only. I was informed that there will not be any new building made available suitable for relocation of the gym. Therefore, within the next 2 years, the gym will be relocating elsewhere, somewhere in Tranmere or Rock Ferry. In the meantime, the gym will carry on trading as normal and at no point will it close, as the intention is to source and develop a new property before the demolition of the existing location.

MetRx Supreme Whey Now In Stock

Due to popular demand we now stock Met-Rx Supreme Whey Protein over the counter. Our members price for this is just £28.00 for a 2.2 kilo (5lb) tub! It comes in Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate flavours and is a great deal for some truly excellent, high quality protein.

 We will have these in stock for as long as they are available. Also in stock right now is a shipment of Animal Paks. Again at just £28.00 for a large 44 pak container, this is an excellent price for an excellent supplement. Don't forget, we will order to request too, as we can esily obtain supplements like Muscletech NitroTech, American Marketing Creatine Serum and many others!

Tanning Page

I uploaded a page with tanning facilities information here after realising that I hadn't moved the page over from the old website yet! Images coming soon. This page is also listed in the Facilities section at the bottom.

Update: The tanning page now includes a list of tanning products available at reception (with pic). Dont forget the four key factors to the perfect tan:

 Stimulate - Intensify - Maximize - Prolong

Upgraded Tanning Facilities

At the start of the week a brand new high power sunshower was installed in the gym. It is in its own room just like the sunbed and offers chaning room, clothes hangers and complete privacy with a securey lockable door.

The bed itself is a 225 Watt brand new walk-in Sunshower. Its high power means that it is much faster at tanning than the sunbed, and it also means that you can move around while tanning, exposing yourself to the maximum amount of tanning UV rays. The desgins also means that it reflects UV light evenly, giving you an all over even tan, even in those "hard to reach" places.

We have no plans of removing the sunbed, which some of our members prefer due to its comfort, and both sunshower and sunbed operate on the same rates: just £1.00 for 3 minutes.

 Theres no need to book and you don't have to be a member to use the tanning facilities. Come on in and try them out!

Closing Rumours Not True

With the extensive regeneration of the Church Road corridor and the pulling down of several buildings near Titans Gym, it is unsurprising to hear rumours that the gym will soon be closing. These rumours are not true, and the gym will not be closing down.

 Martin has written an informative article about these rumours and you can read the full explanation here as well as information as to what the future of Titans Gym will be.

Note: Due to the site re-design, please read this article by navigating to the Facilities - Misc section, thanks!