Welcome to Titans Gym Ltd.

Diner Almost Open

We had the approval from Environmental Health today for the opening of the American style Diner at Titans. The kitchen is now complete and we will be starting to serve a delicious range of low fat high protein food any day now with all ingredients freshly sourced and prepared on the premises.

 Meals will include Scouse, Chilli, Fresh Soups, Poached Eggs on Toast, Chicken New Yorker Sandwiches and Jackets. All meals will come with full nutritional content. Believe me, this is the way to achieve your training goals......through knowledge and implementation of diet.

Reception Supplements Shop

Our reception now features a fully stocked supplements shop selling brands such as cnp, phd, metrx,usn, animal, chef jay's, multipower, bsn, tapout nutrition and peak body. We also stock food such as wedges and chicken wraps, sports drinks such as fit proteins, redkicks, syntha 6 rtds etc, a range of training accessories such as belts, wrist wraps, gloves and lifting straps and a full range of clothing from cnp, metrx, tapout and our own Titans brand including T shirts, hoodies and vests. Members receive an automatic 20% reduction on all supplement and food products. We have some great deals on too such as cnp pro mass 4.5 for £42, animal paks 44 for £32 and bsn no xplode for £32. In addition to this we are introducing a member loyalty scheme to those loyal members who have been continuous members for over a year whereby they receive a further discount of 15% off these already discounted prices. Loyalty cards and letters will be going out soon.

Whey Protein Isolate

Multipower Whey Protein Iso Complex 2.25kg 75 x 30g servings 22% BCAAs 82% whey protein isolate only £32 to members best protein I've ever seen!

Free samples

Being a Billy no mates I'm giving away more freebies at the gym today in an attempt to get some friends. Come along and get your free Multipower shaker along with your free sachet of Multipower Whey iso protein.


We now sell a range of sandwiches at Titans Gym. Wedges £2.00 (members' price £1.60), Sub rolls £2.25 (members' price £1.80), Wraps £2.25 (members' price £1.80).

MMA wear

We now sell a wide range of MMA wear like Tapout and Silver Star Tshirts, hoodies and shorts.


225 Watt Sunshower newly retubed Friday 19th Feb only £1 for 9 mins!