Britain's Strongest Man 2008 qualifier


Yesterday, Saturday 12th April 2008, I competed in the Britain's Strongest Man qualifier. There were 20 competitors and 5 events. The events were a 115kg log press from the chest for reps, (timed for 60 secs), a 260kg axle deadlift for reps (timed for 60 secs), 125kg farmers walk for 50 meters (fastest time), carry and drag (100kg tree trunk for 15 meters and 310kg chain for 15 meters) and stones (100kg to 160kg).




The top 8 in each event scored points, with first place getting 8 points, second place 7 points etc. After 3 events the top eight went through to the last 2 events and the top 2 qualified for the Britain's Strongest Man finals in June. I managed to press the log twice but lost my balance both times and couldn't get a clean lift. I came third in the deadlifts with 9 reps with Mark Westarby and Gary Gardiner beating me with 11 reps each ( I hate losing deadlifts to anyone!). I finished eighth in the farmers walk with a time of 50 seconds after my legs gave up and I stumbled over and had to re-lift (my legs are my weakness in this event).




After the first 3 events I was in 6th place with 7 points. However, the rules stated that anyone who failed the log press could not continue so at this point I was disqualified. Mark Westarby won and Gary Gardiner came second to both qualify.




I am competing again in 7 weeks time in the UKs Strongest Man qualifier in Allendale near Hexham Northumberland on Saturday 31st May 2008.