Staffless System

The staffless system is going live on Monday 12th February 2017.

Anyone who wishes to use the facilities at Titans Gym during the staffless hours needs an entry key fob!

Key fobs are available to:

  • Monthly members who pay via the bank
  • 6 monthly members
  • Annual members

A £10.00 deposit is required and is refundable when you cancel your membership. There are no contracts. You will need to sign a disclaimer agreeing to the conditions of use during staffless hours.

Please refer to our opening hours to see if you need to get yourself an access key fob. The gym is staffed during the peak times. Cash memberships and daily rates are still available during these staffed times, but only these times.

Monday to Friday

  • 6am to 9am: Staffless
  • 9am to2pm: Fully staffed
  • 2pm to 5pm: Staffless
  • 5pm to 8pm: Fully staffed
  • 8pm to 10pm: Staffless


  • 8am to 10am: Staffless
  • 10am to 2pm: Fully staffed
  • 2pm to 6pm: Staffless


  • 8am to 6pm: Staffless

To obtain a key fob please visit the gym during the staffed times, pay your deposit and your key fob will be enabled in the staffless system by the following work day. System upgrades are already being implemented to make your access key fob be enabled automatically as soon as it is issued.


We have 15 pieces of specialist Strongman Kit.

 Atlas Stones and Stonewall (Outside)

80kg, 105kg, 120kg, 135kg, 160kg

Viking Press
2 x Daddy Dumbbells 50kg 75kg
2 x Logs 45kg 80kg
Frame Carry
Super Yoke
Zercha Squat
Barrel 100kg
Car Deadlift Frame

The Car Deadlift Frame, Super Yoke and Farmers can be set up outside on request. 


Gym Walkthrough

Here is a video from January 2015 of the facilities available at the gym.

Gym Floor



Now with over 100 pieces of kit in total at Titans Gym we have always tried to deliver the best possible service. The only way we can do this is by having the best possible kit. There are many different types, and dozens of manufacturers on the market. All of our body-building equipment is manufactured by the leading UK manufacturer: Powerzone. We have a full range of professional bodybuilding equipment, including plate-loaded lever machines and stack loaded cable machines as well as a comprehensive selection of bars, accessories and dumbbells (up to 80Kg!).


When we recently re-kitted our gym in Juy 2017, we asked our members individually which pieces they would like to see when we re-kitted. In the end... we bought everything that people had suggested and then got some more too! Kit by itself is not enough. What we have is an open-plan, roomy gym on 2 levels with enough room to focus on what you are doing, so you don't have to worry about knocking some one else’s elbow or tripping over. The floors are all covered with thick, industrial rubber matting which was actually designed for heavy vehicles. It is this over-compensating approach that lets our members get an excellent session.

Every major muscle group has a piece of kit specifically designed to isolate it for training. We have three lever machines that focus on nothing more than the pecs, at least five for the legs and several for the shoulders. We have a reverse-fly stack-loaded machine which doubles as a pec-dec.

All weights, bars, accessories and benches are olympic standard, heavy duty. We sincerely believe that there is no gym that is better equipped in the area for strength training and body building. The equipment that we have was manufactured to specification, entirely custom built for us, by Powerzone UK.

We also didn't skimp on the free weights either. We have dozens of 20 kilo plates on stands dotted around the gym as well as a dumbbell section by Jordan that goes up to from 2.5kg 80kg and contains duplicate pairs of dumbbells in the range 12.5kg to 20kg so you can still train with these range of dumbbells if one other set is being used. You will never have to look far for weights! It is also entirely likely that you would never be able to go as heavy as our machines go, with stacks in excess of 160 kilos and lever machines capable of holding hundreds of kilos in muscle-isolating exercises.


We also have a well equipped cardio-vascular section containing 13 peices of cardio equipment featuring 2 Technogym Jog Excite 700 Treadmills, 1 Lifefitness Classic 9100 Treadmill, 2 Technogym Syncro Excite 500 Cross Trainers, 2 Technogym Excite 500 Upright Bikes, 2 Lifefitness 9500 HRT Steppers, 2 Tectrix ClimbMax Steppers and 2 Concept 2 Model C Rowers.


Finally we have a dedicated Strength & Conditioning Area featuring a 10m Astroturf runway, sled, tyre, Sledgehammer, Slam Ball, Kettlebells and Plyo Box. This area is also ideal for Powerlifting, Weightlifting and Strongman training, containing over 10 pieces of Strongman kit (with more kit outside), a powercage and a weightlifting platform with sprung bar and bumper plates as well as specialist strength bars such as a Texas Power Bar, Safety Squat Bar and Hex Bar. 



Our list of gym kit reads as follows:


5 x Adjustable Bench
2 x Olympic Bench Press
Olympic Shoulder Press
Olympic Incline Press
Olympic Decline Press
Hyper Extension Bench
Sit-up Bench

Racks & Accessories

Power Squat Cage
Hanging Leg Raiser Chins & Dips
T Bar Row
Preacher Curl Bench
Power Cage
Glute Ham Raise

Stack Machines

Leg Extension
Lying Leg Curl
Pec Fly
Seated Lat Pulley Row
Lat Pulldown
Chest Pad Row
Cable Cross
Triceps Extension Station

Lever Machines

Lever Leg Curl
Lever Leg Extension
Lever Preacher Curl
Seated Calf Raise
Lever Narrow Shoulder Press
Mid Back Row
45 Degree Leg Press
45 Degree Hack Squat
Lever Narrow Chest Press
Lever Decline Chest Press
Super Incline Chest Press
Lever Single Arm Row
Front Squat
Smith Machine
Lever Deadlift & Shrug


1 x Set Jordan Dumbbells 2.5kg - 80kg 23 pairs 2 racks

Strongman Kit

Viking Press
2 x Daddy Dumbbells 50kg 75kg
2 x Logs 45kg 80kg
Frame Carry
Super Yoke
Zercha Squat
Atlas Stones 80kg 105kg 120kg 135kg 160kg plus 5 Stone Walls
Barrel 100kg
Car Deadlift Frame


1xLifeFitness Classic 9100 Treadmill
2xTechnogym Treadmill Jog Excite 700
2xTechnogym Cross Trainer Syncro Excite 500
2xTechnogym Upright Bike Excite 500
2xConcept 2 Model C Rower
2xLifefitness 9500 HRT Stepper
2xTectrix ClimbMax Steppers


30x20kg disc hex
36x20kg disc Jordan
6x20kg disc steel Weider
12x20kg disc steel Bodypower
2x20kg disc blue Bumper
14x15kg disc steel York
12x10kg disc steel Bodypower
2x10kg disc concrete rubber coated
2x10kg disc green Bumper
2x5kg disc steel Weider
8x5kg disc steel Bodypower
9x2.5kg disc steel Weider
9x2.5kg disc steel Bodypower
4x1.25kg disc steel Weider
11x1.25kg disc steel Bodypower

Bars Collars & Accessories

8 x Olympic Bar
1 x Olympic Weighlifting Bar Sprung Steel
1x Texas Power Bar
1 x Safety Squat Bar
1 x Hex Bar
7 x Sprung Collar Sets
1 x E-Z Olympic Curl Bar
1 x Olympic Triceps Bar
5 x Grippers 160lb 180lb 300lb 35lb CoC 3
1 x Dip Belt


1 x Triceps V Bar
1 x Revolving Straight Bar
1 x E-Z Curl Bar
4 x Stirrup Handles
1 x Triceps Rope
1 x Bent Lat Bar
1 x Straight Lat Bar
2 x Row
1 x Chin
1 x Ankle Strap

Strength & Conditioning

Weighlifting Platform
2 x Tyre
Barrel (unloaded)
Car Battery
4 x Kettlebells 8kg 12kg 16kg 24kg
Slam Ball 10kg
3 x Plyo Boxes 30cm 45cm 60cm


6 x Weight Trees
1 x Vertical Bar Holder (9 bars) 



At Titans you can be certain that your training will never suffer because of poor equipment.

Car Parking

There is a large car park onsite FREE TO USE for members. Parking Enforcement is in place to make sure only customers of Titans Gym use the car park.

Changing & Toilets

Female Changing Room

Our female changing rooms are located in the lower gym. They have a dressing table, a private changing area, benches, hangers, a deluxe single wetroom shower, lockers and WC. The area is private and comfortable.

Male Changing Room

Our male changing room is located in the lower gym. There is a private WC as well as hangers, two powerful shower units, benches and lockers.

Communal Toilet

There is a communal WC on the upper level of the gym near reception. 

All of our facilities are in great condition and are cleaned as well as checked for toilet rolls and handwash on a daily basis.

Exercise Hall/Punchbags


There is a large sprung floored Exercise Hall on the 3rd level. This is available for use as part of the gym whenever it is not booked out for classes. It features the following facilities:

2 x Punchbags
Full mirrored out
7 x Reebok Steps
Plyo Hurdles
Skipping Ropes
Yoga Mats

The Exercise Hall is sometimes booked out exclusively for classes. Outisde of these hours it is available for members to use. Here is a schedule of when it is booked out:


Not currently booked

Exercise Programmes and Personal Training

If you are competent using the equipment in this gym then an induction is not necessary. However, if required, an induction on how to use the equipment safely will be given by one of our qualified Personal Trainers on site. 

If you require a full Exercise Programme they will start by sitting down and having an informal and private chat with you at our comfy reception area discussing your aims and goals, current lifestyle and exercise history. They will then draw up a specialised programme for you and take you through the programme exercise by exercise, demonstrating how each exercise is performed correctly. 

If you want to book a PT then just contact them directly for prices.

Chris Graham PT 07921558315

Shawn Kenny PT 07454806704