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Titans Gym Ltd. For Sale

Titans Gym Ltd. is currently for sale.

We have a fifteen year operating history having previously traded in two former locations in the South Birkenhead / Tranmere area. Titans is currently trading at it's third location in central Birkenhead having relocated in December 2011 and is at its most profitable with the largest number of active members ever on record. We have taken pains to keep the gym up to date and as upgraded as we possibly could make it. Since we are nearly at the end of this journey of making the gym as good as we can now is the time to sell. It is time for us to allow our developed business to move in to the hands of a new owner who can bring new ideas and new investment to our facilities.

Over the years we have put our blood, sweat and tears in to Titans. We have a very loyal membership base and a streamlined, efficient management system. Titans Gym Ltd. is an ideal opportunity for investors who are looking to either run the business themselves or who wish to take a back seat and allow Titans Gym Ltd. to be manager run. Both options are available and easily implemented.

UPDATE: April 2016

We have added an extended series of prospectus documents. 

Below is a lost of files consisting of the prospectus of the gyms assets and sale value as well as recent accounts. If you are interested then please read these documents and get in touch.

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