Welcome to Titans Gym Ltd.

Extended Opening Hours

We have been in the process of installing an electronic staffless system at Titans Gym since the first week of September 2017. After several delays the system is now approaching completion and will consist of the following:

1) An electronic timer system which automatically opens and closes roller shutters as well as turning on/off lights. This means that the gym will open and close by itself.
2) A two door security access system operated via a scannable RFID key fob which can be swiped to gain entry. Each fob will be unique to each member and will only work if membership is up to date. The second door will only open once the first door is closed to avoid unauthorised entry and will not open at all without the scanning of an authorised fob on the scanning terminal outside. Exit through each door will be achived by pushing an exit button. 
3) A vending system for drinks and bars.
4) A reception security surround to keep reception fully locked in unmanned hours.
5) A full CCTV system covering every inch of the gym with remote viewing via a smart phone.
6) A panic button which can be pressed in the case of an emergency to open all doors. 

This will mean Titans can open for longer hours an both weekdays and weekends as well as be open 365 days a year. It will be staffed in the busy times and unstaffed in the quiet times. The provisional opening hours will be as follows:

Mon-Fri 6am-10pm (Staffless 6am-9am 2pm-5pm, 8pm-10pm)
Sat 9am-6pm (Staffless 9am-10am 2pm-6pm)
Sun 9am-6pm (Staffless all day)

The unstaffed hours will only be accessible to members who have a Gold Membership. This applies to anyone signed up on a 6 monthly/yearly deal or who pay via direct debit. There will be a £10 deposit payable to receive an access fob for the unstaffed hours. This deposit will be returned upon termination of a membership.

Each member who wishes to receive a fob will have to sign a code of conduct whereby they agree to put all weights and equipment away after use as well as put all litter in the bins provided.

We will start handing out fobs to members over the course of the next few weeks. We still don't have a lead time to when the system will be operable but we estimate it to be early/mid December 2017.